Meet Traycee’s Founders – Sheldon Shlossman and Barbara Traycee

Sheldon Shlossman

Barbara Traycee

When Barbara’s natural talents as a caregiver and finding others like her emerged (read The Barbara Traycee Story), Barbara and Sheldon combined forces to establish Traycee Home Care in 1974. Barbara Traycee and her husband, Sheldon Shlossman, have deep roots in the health care industry and senior home care. Barbara has a degree in medical lab technology from the Cook County Graduate School of Medicine and Sheldon has his Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois in Pharmacy. He owned and operated several hospital and nursing home pharmacies in the Chicagoland area.

Barbara and Sheldon are family-oriented, a philosophy they bring to work with them every day. They consider their staff part of their family and likewise their clients. Treating others this way is at the center of everything they do and is why they have achieved both longevity and success in the care-giving industry.

Meet Vania and Her Team of Senior Home Care Experts

Interested in senior home care? You will talk to this team of experts lead by Vania, who has been with Traycee since 2006. Assisting Vania are Dawn and Marcy who bring another twenty five years of service in the customer care field.

new Traycee


The breadth and depth of their experience has exposed them to every imaginable care situation, which means they can handle your situation with speed, expertise and empathy. That is not all they offer. Each is committed to being a good listener in order to understand the detailed requirements of your situation. Then they go to work to match you or your loved one with the caregiver who will give you complete satisfaction. One member of this team is on 24 hour call at all times.

Meet Pam Boyle, and Mary Scott – Traycee’s Geriatric Care Coordinators

Mary Scott

Pam Boyle

Our registered nurses have over 50 years of nursing experience in the field of geriatrics and home care. They have two priorities. The first is to properly assess a client’s needs. There is an initial assessment followed by monthly in-home visits which result in a customized, up-to-date care plan.  The second priority is to test the competency of all of Traycee’s caregivers, to mentor them and to provide them with periodic hands-on training to ensure all caregivers have the skills and tools needed to properly assist those in their care.


Meet Lori Mojica – Traycee’s Nanny and Domestic Expert

Lori Mojica

Interested in obtaining a nanny or domestic help? You will talk to Lori Mojica, Traycee’s longest serving employee, having joined the firm in 1986. She understands the relationship between client and nanny or domestic help, comes from being a good listener and very attentive to details.

Like the Senior Home Care Team, Lori helps clients find childcare and domestic help that meet their specific needs. Her experience and expertise guide successful placements. Lori has had the unique satisfaction of serving multiple generations of families raising their children and running their homes.